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III. Accounting for Non-Profits

Objectives, assets, liabilities, what's left over

Financial Statements
Three basic reports, how to read them

Let's look at those pesky debts and credits, definitions, "T" accounting and their usage

Fixed Assets
What's included in total cost, depreciation, recording of, how to compile and value

Management Reports
Budget, comparison reports, trend

Accounting Software
How to decide what is right

Internal Control
Definition, safeguarding of assets

The Board . . . So You've Been Asked
What is required as a member of the board

List for CPA to Look At
Preparation for an exam

Records Retention Schedule
What to keep and how long

ECFA - Donors Bill of Rights
Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability

ECFA - Seven Standards
ECFA - Contact Info
ECFA - Application
Good exercise in financial accountability

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